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  • Piroplasmia — Pi·ro·plas·mia (pi″ro plaz meґə) [L. pirum pear + plasma] a subclass of heteroxenous parasitic protozoa (class Sporozoea, subphylum Apicomplexa), occurring as piriform, round, or rod shaped cells or ameboid cells without a conoid,… …   Medical dictionary

  • Piroplasmida — An order of sporozoan protozoa (subclass Piroplasmia, class Sporozoea) consisting of the families Habesiidae, Theileriidae, and Dactylosomatidae; includes heteroxenous tick borne blood parasites of vertebrates with reduced apical complex, lacking …   Medical dictionary

  • List of B codes for MeSH — The following is a list of the B codes for MeSH. It is a product of the United States National Library of Medicine.Source for content is [http://www.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/filelist.html here] . (File 2006 MeSH Trees .)MeshNumber|B01|Animals… …   Wikipedia

  • Cytomere — Cytomeres are structures that are formed when the contents of a single large schizont are separated into multiple daughter cells, in the course of schizogony.[1] Cytomeres are caused by complex invaginations of the surface of the schizont. They… …   Wikipedia

  • Piroplasmida — Taxobox | color = khaki name = Piroplasmida regnum = Protista phylum = Apicomplexa classis = Aconoidasida subclass = Piroplasmia ordo = Piroplasmida subdivision ranks= Families subdivision = Babesiidae * Babesia Theileriidae * Theileria… …   Wikipedia

  • Babesia — Babesien Babesien (Babesia) Systematik Stamm: Apicomplexa Klasse …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Babesien — (Babesia) Systematik Stamm: Apicomplexa Klasse: Sporozoen (Sporozoa) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Apicomplexa — A phylum of the subkingdom Protozoa, which includes the class Sporozoea and the subclasses Coccidia and Piroplasmia, and is characterized by the presence of an apical complex. [L. apex, pl. apicis, tip, summit, + complexus, woven together] * * *… …   Medical dictionary

  • Sporozoea — A large class of protozoans (phylum Apicomplexa, subkingdom Protozoa) consisting of obligatory parasites with simple spores lacking polar filaments; cilia and flagella are absent (except for microgametes, found in some groups), and locomotion is… …   Medical dictionary

  • piroplasm — piro·plasm pir ə .plaz əm or piro·plas·ma .pir ə plaz mə n, pl piro·plasms or piro·plas·ma·ta .pir ə plaz mət ə BABESIA (2) piro·plas·mic .pir ə plaz mik adj * * * pi·ro·plasm (piґro plaz″ …   Medical dictionary

  • piroplasmid — piro·plas·mid plaz məd adj of or relating to the Babesiidae piroplasmid n BABESIA (2) * * * pi·ro·plas·mid (pi″ro plazґmid) 1. pertaining or relating to protozoa of the subclass Piroplasmia. 2. piroplasm …   Medical dictionary

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